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Mom's at Marjaree Mason Center Christmas Giving

Pickett & Sons Construction continued its mission of giving back to our Community by sponsoring the Mom's at the Marjaree Mason Center for the 2013 Christmas Season. Most victims in the care of the Marjaree Mason Center are fleeing for their life and only have a few minutes to grab things for themselves and their children. Often times these mothers put their children first and are forgotten while trying to create a safe and happy holiday for their children. We wanted to make a difference and decided to help by giving these caring women something to feel good about. Pickett & Sons Construction created gift packages included a comfy blanket, bubble wash and sponge, soft pajama set, hair products, and other "comfort" items to help them feel good about themselves. When the gifts were presented to staff at the Center, they were very appreciative that the Mom's would have something to open at Christmas along with the children. The Marjaree Mason Center was founded in 1979 and its mission is "to empower individuals and their children to make informed choices to live free of domestic violence." If you would like to help, please visit the web site at the link below.

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