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Cost estimating and coordination work to maximize value and minimize re-design. COST COMPARISONS
Comparative evaluations to similar structures. Our cost history and current pricing can be helpful in identifying unexpectedly high or low costs.

Where Cost vs. Benefit analysis is required, Pickett & Sons will gather appropriate comparative data and then forward to the client for an informed decision.

We propose a continuous value engineering approach through-out the design phase of the project. We will identify to the client where money can be saved and allow them to make an informed decision. We will ensure the design is constructible and is not needlessly difficult.

Our personnel identify both typical and unique coordination problems and ensure the design addresses these properly. This includes all civil, architectural, structural, fire, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and landscape designs. CASH FLOW PROJECTIONS
We will provide upon request a cash flow projection for the project.

The pre-construction effort must maximize the advantages of having a single contractor for the site, shell building, and interior improvements. Coordination of trades for a unified design and construction will prevent delays and maximize efficiency for the budget and timetable.


The sequence of events that occur before the construction begins can be as critical to the project as the construction schedule. Pickett & Sons can prepare a schedule outlining what needs to take place prior to construction, including bank financing packages, site plan review, construction document development, and governing agency review.

Pickett & Sons prepares a realistic construction schedule prior to commencing construction and distributes a copy to the owner, architect and all subcontractors. Long lead items and items needed at the beginning of construction are identified and incorporated into the schedule in order to avoid delays. We monitor the schedule as the work proceeds, providing updates as required.

PROJECT CLOSEOUT At an appropriate time during the completion of the project, we will schedule a walk-through of the facility. During this walk-through, we will instruct you on the operation of the building systems. We will also identify work yet to be completed and diligently complete any outstanding items. Upon completion of the project, Pickett & Sons provides the owner with a Close-Out package for the project, including all plans and changes, emergency contacts, Notice of Completion, operation manuals and product warranties.


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