Mission & Values


Our Mission & Values

The purpose of the company is to build the highest quality commercial projects, while operating the company on a sound financial basis to ensure strength and long term stability.

How we accomplish our Mission is as important as the Mission itself.

We believe in:


We will do whatever it takes to get the job done correctly the first time.


Teamwork is a requirement, not an option. No one person can function as well as a team, and we work as a team to exceed our customer’s requirements.


We are dedicated to serving our customers in a manner that enhances their success and therefore increases their preference for our services. We will treat our customers fairly, and always consider both the short and long term implications of our decisions.


Quality must be a priority in all that we do. We will never sacrifice the quality of our work. The ultimate goal is perfection, and until perfection is achieved, we will strive to continuously improve the quality of our services.

Honesty and Integrity

Company business must be conducted with honesty and integrity, while encouraging mutual trust and respect for our customers, subcontractors, and suppliers.


Our employees are the foundation of Pickett & Sons Construction, Inc. Their knowledge, experience, creativity, and energy are the building blocks of the company. We are all committed to maintaining a work environment that fosters teamwork and encourages high levels of personal satisfaction and achievement.

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